Emma & Darren ~ Engagement Photos at Layer Marney Tower

Emma & Darren ~ Engagement Photos at Layer Marney Tower

Recently I got to catch up with these two ahead of their wedding in September at the gorgeous location that is Layer Marney Tower. For anyone who’s never been, please go there for a day out as it is beautiful and there is so much to see and do! We spent the afternoon lamb feeding, as well as checking out the wildlife and of course the beautiful gardens surrounding this unique location.

Not only for it’s beauty, and because it’s so close to home; Emma & Darren also chose to have their wedding here for the historical aspect it brings aswell. The ancient buildings, the on-site Church and the Long Hall for their Reception seemed like a perfect place to keep their wedding wrapped up without having to move about too much. They’ll be able to celebrate the whole day with family & friends so fingers crossed for a beautiful day!

These guys were so easy- going and up for anything, we even had some fun feeding the lambs on site too (Emma’s idea…not mine 😉 ) but nevertheless there were some pretty adorable little baby’s in the barn guzzling milk from these two as quickly as they could!

I’m super excited to be back here in a few months time to capture these guys in a slightly different attire!

My thanks to Emma & Darren for allowing me to share these few images with you.

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