Mia & her Ponies ~ Essex Equestrian Photography

Mia & her Ponies ~ Essex Equestrian Photography

Straight after Poppy’s photo session we dove straight in with Mia and her clan. We had Danny, the photogenic poser who couldn’t put a hoof wrong, and Daisy who unfortunately has been in the war zones with some foot issues over the last six months, but fingers crossed is now on the mend! Last but not least we had Taro again, as he is Mia’s first pony so we had to include him too 😉

We’d already established some pretty awesome areas to make use of the stunning backdrops surrounding the stable block and house, so we were flying through and Claire was being a great help swapping ponies, throwing my shaker and guiding the horses into position for me. Even Daisy who has been on box rest for the last few months was brilliant and didn’t get too excited or too jumpy at being out in field again alongside her friends.

We even got Claire’s horses out to include as well, seeing as Mia has just started competing on Moomin so it only seemed fit to include him in a few shots too.  What a gentle giant he is 🙂

Again, my thanks to Claire and her family for inviting me over. I had a lovely time, and hope you all did too!!

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