Hannah, Suerte & Lizzie ~ Essex Equestrian Photography

Hannah, Suerte & Lizzie ~ Essex Equestrian Photography

Suerte celebrated her first Birthday at the end of May, and to mark the occasion Hannah booked her in for a photo session so she could remember her Littlen at this precious stage.

Having bought this cheeky little filly at just a few months old, Suerte had spent the first half of her life at the stud with Mum before Hannah made the long journey to collect her and bring her back to Essex to be Nannied by Hannah’s other pony, the lovely Lizzie.

On first meeting I fell in love with this beautiful little face which popped out the stable door to say hello. Her lovely kind eye and a cheeky personality to match her Andalusian heritage and Hannah is sure that her coat will lighten and she’ll eventually grow to be a beautiful grey that is popular with the Andalusian breed.

As a yearling, Hannah and her family are now well under way with clicker training Suerte and she is already a very bold horse full of character and yearning to learn more. She walked out in front without batting an eyelid, and was more than happy to follow Lizzie round their field whilst I clicked away and watched everyone interact without halters.



My thanks to Hannah and her family for their patience and for allowing me to share these images with you. I wish them all the best with your continued clicker training and look forward to watching Suerte as she continues to grow 🙂


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