Jess, Dooley & Charlie ~ Essex Equestrian Photography

Jess, Dooley & Charlie ~ Essex Equestrian Photography

Jess received a Gift Voucher for Christmas by her family, and waited to book in for the Summer months ahead in order to get some sunny shots with her two furry loves, Dooley & Charlie. I adore shooting at West Bowers Livery yard; the vast areas, backdrops and fields are so beautiful all year round so I couldn’t wait to get back there for more fun!

On arrival I assumed we were only shooting with Dooley as Charlie was no where to be seen, but as we started our walk down to the woods he appeared hiding underneath Jess’ car. Jess explained he was having a sulk as she had had to tell him off for jumping up in the car and he sure was was in one hell of a strop! I’ve never experienced a dog in a mood like this…my little pup usually goes to the corner of the room but within 5 minutes he’s back and wanting to play (you could argue it’s almost as if he has short-term memory!) but Charlie was holding a grudge and was not interested in joining in with us at all throughout the whole of their shoot!

It was a beautiful hot afternoon and the flies were out in abundance, but Dooley behaved like a gent and enjoyed all the hugs, kisses and Polos he was getting whilst standing next to Jess. Dooley has the sweetest, kindest nature you could want for a horse; he’s very honest and it’s clear that he and Jess have a very trusting relationship together on foot and horseback.

Charlie did jump in for a few shots, although we found he would rather slink at the sidelines and watch from a distance whilst Dooley and Jess stole the limelight. He did come along for the walk though and I managed a few shots of him whilst he wasn’t looking 😉

My thanks to Jess and her family for having me back to West Bowers, I had a lovely time and hope to look forward to more fun at your beautiful farm in the future!


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