Mandi & Luci ~ Essex Equestrian Photography

Mandi & Luci ~ Essex Equestrian Photography

Mandy has been a friend and fellow local Equestrian business owner ever since she rocked up the Rayleigh & District RC shows one year and we hit it off straight away! Mandy sells beautiful personalised jewellery incorporating your horse’s tail or ashes to create some exquisite pieces for you to treasure and remember them by. Her business has grown from strength to strength over the years so I knew when she got in touch to book in a last minute photo session with her horse it was to be a very sad evening for all involved and it would soon be her turn to create some beloved jewellery to commemorate her Luci.

Luci was a twenty-one year old Cleveland Bay X who Mandy had loved and owned for the last ten years. As a huge horse, she had a beautiful personality to match, and a cheeky character that would make me giggle from behind the camera as I watched them laugh together.

Luci was sadly suffering from Ringbone, basically speaking Arthritis, and after several visits from the vets they advised Mandy that Luci’s joint just couldn’t take the pressure anymore and that it would be the best outcome for her to go to sleep. Making this decision is the hardest one any horse owner has to face sometimes, and it never gets any easier, however if it’s in the best interest for your horse to end their suffering then your hand is forced.

Clearly Mandy was devastated but we managed to squeeze in a last minute photo session to create some lasting memories of this sweet little mare who has had a wonderful life full of fun and games with Mandy by her side. From Elementary Dressage to Thetford Forrest Rides and County Level Showing, this lovely mare has been about and created a lasting print on Mandy’s heart. The two of them have grown up together Luci was the one to help Mandy get her confidence levels up and teach her to ride again.

It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of these special moments Mandy, I hope I have created some memories and done her justice for you.


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