Dan & Pippa ~ Essex Canine Photography

Dan & Pippa ~ Essex Canine Photography

Dan received a Canine Gift voucher for his birthday so he could treasure some snaps of his little lady Pippa who he’s owned since a young pup. Upon arrival I had the most excitable little pup with the biggest personality and fastest tail run up to greet me and say hello ? I knew we were going to have some fun!!

At Georgie’s family farm they have a beautiful area which comes alive with bluebells every year in the Spring time; it literally covers the woodland floor looking like a carpet of purple in its natural beauty.  We walked down to the woods, and within 10 seconds of the lead being unclipped, Pippa was gone! Oh she did come back, but covered in mud under her little belly and looking rather pleased with herself at making the return as she naturally plonked herself next to Dan without even looking up.

After another 5-10 times of Pippa making a disappearing act as our photo session went on, I soon learnt not to panic but just go with it. Within 30 seconds she would always return with the biggest grin on her face; this little lady was just nosey and loved to run and run!!

To cool off on the way back, she made a beeline for the water trough in the horses field and totally immersed herself without batting an eyelid. I was in hysterics, she was just so so funny! This is why I have a soft spot for Springers, they have the biggest personalities and are forever smiling!!! What a lovely lively little lady she is. Check out some of my favourites from our photo session.

L x

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