My Happily Ever After ~ Yes ME!!

My Happily Ever After ~ Yes ME!!

23rd August 2018 0 By Laura Jane Photography

With 365 days to go until we get to say I DO, I thought I’d do a little blog post on our amazing experience which led us to getting engaged <3 Read on guys…

So coming out of Winter season and gearing up for a busy Summer of Weddings, my partner of 11 years and best friend Scott had been listening to Radio 1 show on his way to work when the Greg James Sport Relief Challenge had been playing following DJ Greg James as he pedalled miles on his bike and climbed the UK’s three highest peaks in just five days whilst raising money for Comic Relief.

Mentioning it me over the phone, he suggested we both took the journey up North and climbed Ben Nevis as a mini adventure for us two <3 Not one to shy away from experience I automatically agreed and the adventure was set! Although we had no hotel booked, and had planned to drive the whole 10 hours in one day, sharing the journey together we set off in our car on Friday 23rd March.

It was so lovely to be getting away, we hadn’t had a holiday or mini trip since November and with a house being renovated it was nice to get out and do something fun and different again! We even drove through the Yorkshire Dales to see the sights… well you never know when you’ll be up this far again so why not 🙂

Half way up we decided it was probably time to actually book some accommodation, I’m not one for staying in a car although at least it was there for back up, however we managed to quickly secure a lovely little Guesthouse warning them our arrival would probably be around 9:30pm so please stay open!! The rest of the journey flew by and we were in and out the other side of Glasgow and flying alongside Loch Lomond…what a time for your phone battery to die 🙁

Next morning we donned our exercise gear, grabbed our brekkie and packed up the car. Time for some fun!! Whilst on our way I mentioned to Scott we may need to stop for some suitable attire (a quick look on instagram had confirmed that whilst I thought the mountain would be fine to climb in leggings and trainers… other pictures of climbers at this time of year said differently!)

Parked up in the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre we got ready and went looking for a map. Sadly our plans were soon to be changed… no guides available, and in need of ice picks, compasses and proper walking boots we were turned away for safety reasons. It was a huge blow and I couldn’t understand why Scott had taken it particularly badly. No worries we were here now, so let’s climb up the side of the mountain and get as far as we could!

We started our journey in warm climates, sunshine and excitement coursing through us. Little did I know Scott had a little bit of bling burning a whole in his pocket too!

The journey up to this little hut which sat about three quarters of the way up to the side of Ben Nevis took us about 2.5 hours and saw us through rain, sheet, hail, snow, sunshine and then snow again. My feet were saturated, my legs were burning but the hut was in sight and I was determined to get there. Hand in hand we battled through the snow and finally touched the wooden shack.

Scott asked me if we were going to find a guide and actually walk Ben Nevis tomorrow (Sunday) but to be honest after the difficulties we faced doing this walk, I would’ve needed a rest before heading back up again – it really isn’t as easy as it looks haha!

During our whole walk we didn’t see a single person, so we were quite surprised to find another couple huddled in the back doorway of the hut eating their lunch (the hut was locked). With Ben Nevis still looming above us, there was a small ledge just up from the hut, so Scott pointed up and told me to climb whilst he asked the couple to take a photo of us together. He handed my camera over to them and caught up with me whilst I tried to run fingers through my dripping hair to make myself a bit presentable!! Trying to put my arm around Scotty to pose for a photo, I couldn’t understand why he kept pushing my hand away. (Poor guy was trying to get the ring out, fight with my hand and bend down in soaking we clothes hehehe).

Obviously when I turned around to see my gorgeous guy on one knee in the snow with the most beautiful ring in his shivering hands… my immediate reaction was to laugh! Not at him, I’m not that mean lol! But to laugh in happy hysterics! 11 years with this man and he was finally asking me to be his wife! YES YES YES!!!! I just couldn’t get my damn gloves off due to my hands being so so cold haha!

Walking down the mountain together I couldn’t stop grinning, this amazing experience, this beautiful trip had been the best adventure and made us both the happiest couple ever! Here’s to a future as Mr & Mrs Brown!!