Kate & Jon ~ A Wedding at Caldicot Castle in Wales

Kate & Jon had booked their wedding for Caldicot Church followed by a unique reception with family & friends in Caldicot Castle across the road and I was psyched to be heading over to Wales as their Wedding Photographer!
Everything was on site and within the same area making driving around a lot lot easier! We had church one side of the road, the castle the other side aaaaaaaaand the pub right next to it!
Laughing down the phone on our initial consultation, Kate & Jon admitted that if it wasn’t for Kate’s Mum and sister planning and booking the majority of their wedding day then they probably wouldn’t have worried too much. They’re happy, they’re in love and ready to spend the rest of the lives together…however a beautiful wedding wasn’t going to slip through Kate’s Mum’s plans for her daughter, and a beautiful relaxed wedding is what these guys got. It was really truly lovely!
Ok so the weather may not have been on our side throughout the whole afternoon, however everyone embraced, enjoyed, laughed and cheered with Kate & Jon as the sun went down over the castle.
Huge Congratulations to you guys; thank you for having me document your special day!
L x
Venue: St Mary’s Church, Caldicot
Venue: Caldicot Castle, Caldicot

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