Planning a Hen-Do ~ 7 ideas to get you started

Planning a Hen-Do ~ 7 ideas to get you started

28th December 2019 0 By Laura Jane Photography

Maids-of-Honour & Bridesmaids… Are you planning a hen party for your bestie who gets married in the Summer and stuck for some ideas? It’s always lovely being asked to be involved in your best friends wedding, but when you start thinking about the planning that YOU guys have to do, it can be a tad daunting. Well if you’re anything like me, and love the outdoors, having a laugh and eating lots of cake, then read on… we’ve got 7 tips for planning the BEST home-styled hen-do!


I love a good back garden party… in fact so much so, that my maids planned MY hen-do in my parents back garden!! It really is such a lovely idea, and planned with the right people can go down a right treat!


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These don’t have to be complicated and can either be created by a bespoke stationary designer, or alternatively there are loads of online companies that have lots of beautiful templates for you to choose allowing you to just adjust the writing & change the details for your own personal invite. Most of these online companies will then allow you to print & post these out to your hens, or alternatively upload them to send in an email to invite the girls! Either way, it’s a great start to building the hen-party and getting to know numbers for who is going to make it!




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As a guest, being invited to a hen-do is always lovely, but getting something to take home is extra special! A bit of memorabilia goes a long way and is a fab surprise, especially if it’s something the girls can get stuck in on during the day. For example…

  • A temporary ‘team bride’ tattoo
  • A hairband
  • A bracelet
  • Face glitter
  • A flower crown
  • Party poppers
  • A small bottle of fizz/a mini shot
  • Personalised sashes etc etc




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“Eeeeeeeeverybody loves cake” {to quote Donkey, on Shrek} although do check as some guests may well be gluten free or have allergies! There are so many incredible cake makers around, so ask them for a quote based on how many guests you have coming. They may even be able to do lots of little cupcakes, or alternatively have a range of options like the cake table above. There is also the choice to go down to your local supermarket and purchase lots of different types of sweet treats… I personally have a huge sweet tooth, so check out other choices like donuts, cookies, brownies as well!




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Does your hen-do have a particular theme running through it? For example is the Bride a beauty queen, or a Tom-Boy? You may choose to have ‘gin’ theme hen-do, or have everyone playing with lightsabers if it’s a Star Wars theme… Whatever you choose, it’ll definitely help you when it comes to decorating your area and getting everything ready for the day. In the image above, we painted bottles with chalk paint in pastel colours, and used pretty flowers to fill them for a lovely Spring-time feel!




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Be prepared… it is a hen do so your guests are more than likely going to expect to have a drink. Even if you have an open bar for them to help themselves, or a mobile bar for them to pay themselves, or ask them to bring a bottle if it helps you out! Chances are most people won’t mind as they won’t expect you to fund their drinking throughout the whole afternoon.

Top tip – don’t forget to cater for those who don’t drink alcohol, a few bottles of pop or juice will definitely be appreciated by some 😉




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Keep the party going with some well thought out games & quizzes you can all play together and keep everyone entertained for hours!

Examples are:

  • True or False
  • Guess the dress
  • Who Am I – everyone must guess how each of you knows the Bride
  • Beer (or prosecco) pong
  • Never have I ever
  • Mr & Mrs Quiz
  • Advice for the Bride
  • Bridal Bingo




hen party ideas, hen party invites, hen party, hen do

Get some tunes going in the background to suit the theme of your hen-party. Plug your phone into a speaker and download spotify… it’s always nice to have something playing behind the babble of talking, and can help set the mood too!



Special Thanks to all Suppliers who helped in putting together this wonderful Bridal Shower Shoot:

Organiser: Pitch Boutique

Photographer: Laura Jane Photography

Flowers: Miss Fleur Floral 

Cake: Iced Delight Cakes

Stationary: Lorna Boyer Design

Makeup: Willow & Rose

Hair: Victoria Taylor

Models: Cathy, Megan, Charlotte & Georgia