Tips & Tricks to make the best of your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be truly magical. Do you love the idea of twinkling lights, wrapping up in a faux fur cape, and sipping hot chocolate with your guests by a roaring fire? Then a Winter Wedding may be your ideal time of year…

Although wedding season typically starts to calm down for the Winter months, I still have a couple booked in which I absolutely love, however it is important to make yourselves aware of a few things before you sign on that dotted line with your chosen venue.



Daylight hours dwindle fast during those winter months, so make yourselves aware of the daylight times on your wedding day beforehand. We want to make the absolute most of that light outside, so if you’ve got a 2pm ceremony in a church in November, bear in mind you probably won’t be coming out until 3pm(ish) which gives us just an hour to get all those beautiful photos of you guys together, plus your guests too. It may be worth considering moving your ceremony time forward to 12 or 1pm if you can. Below are approximate sunset times for the Winter months.

October expect the sunset to be around 6pm (5pm after clocks go back)

November expect the sunset to be around 4pm

December expect the sunset to be around 4pm

January expect the sunset to be around 4:15pm

February expect the sunset to be around 5pm

March expect the sunset to be around 6pm


Are you happy with layers? A faux fur cape or stole, or a unique cardigan can look amazing over the top of your beautiful dress, and always helps when I ask your Groom to pull you in tight for those gorgeous couple shots of the two of you together. Alternatively long sleeve dresses can look insane, especially with some snow in the background too! Ladies…is it a long dress? Chuck on some thick tights & a pair of boots, no one will ever know (and your bridesmaids can do this too!!)<3

Don’t forget about your guests too! Pick up some blankets, scarves and other accessories for your guests to enjoy and keep warm with if you’re having a special outdoors ceremony, or you need them to be outside with you for a certain amount of time. They’ll thank you, and it really adds to the decor!

Umbrellas are also a good necessity to have just in case. Even if it’s only a couple of matching ones for your bridal and grooms party, definitely worth being prepared for all weather outcomes!

Instead of a champagne welcome drink, why not opt for a hot chocolate or tea welcome drink? Something warm for everyone to wrap their hands around upon arrival (and will save on the pennies for you guys too!)


Check with your venue when they begin to put up their Christmas decorations, and if they’ll be up on your wedding day then what is their Christmas colour scheme. You wouldn’t want your fuscia pink flowers to clash with their rosy red baubles on the Christmas tree. If their decor is not to your taste then is it ok for them to take them down for your special day? Always worth asking.


Does your photographer do any night time portraits with lights? This can be good fun, and create some amazing imagery especially if you’ve booked an incredible venue with beautiful outside exterior. During my weddings I like to have two 15-20 minute sessions with my Bride & Groom for some portraits of just the two of you together – one straight after the ceremony and another in the evening after you’ve finished your wedding breakfast. Typically I look for ‘golden hour’ which is the hour of beautiful light we get before the sun sets, however in winter when the sun tends to set about 4pm, but we want to go out for photos about 7pm, then I bring out my lights and we create some gorgeous intimate shots of the two of you together instead. It’s a great chance for you two to take a break and look back on how amazing your day has been too <3

Laura Jane Photography


If you’ve got two or three venues to make it round to on your wedding day (ie prep address, Church and then Reception Venue etc) then make sure you have given yourselves plenty of time in case of bad traffic. Although a Bride being fashionably late is typically something we’re use too, it can bring on unnecessary  stress for your poor Groom waiting at the alter, and can also make guests feel twitchy too. Plan well guys!


‘Nab some umbrellas for those ‘just incase’ moments – it’s always great to be prepared and they can make some great props for couple shots too! Plus your bridal party will thank you for keeping their hair dry if it is looking to be a tad wet on the big day!

Winter Weddings can be just as magical as Summer Weddings so just enjoy it! Brave the rain, snuggle in closer and make the most of one of the most amazing days of your lives together!


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Kate & Jon ~ A Wedding at Caldicot Castle in Wales

Kate & Jon had booked their wedding for Caldicot Church followed by a unique reception with family & friends in Caldicot Castle across the road and I was psyched to be heading over to Wales as their Wedding Photographer!
Everything was on site and within the same area making driving around a lot lot easier! We had church one side of the road, the castle the other side aaaaaaaaand the pub right next to it!
Laughing down the phone on our initial consultation, Kate & Jon admitted that if it wasn’t for Kate’s Mum and sister planning and booking the majority of their wedding day then they probably wouldn’t have worried too much. They’re happy, they’re in love and ready to spend the rest of the lives together…however a beautiful wedding wasn’t going to slip through Kate’s Mum’s plans for her daughter, and a beautiful relaxed wedding is what these guys got. It was really truly lovely!
Ok so the weather may not have been on our side throughout the whole afternoon, however everyone embraced, enjoyed, laughed and cheered with Kate & Jon as the sun went down over the castle.
Huge Congratulations to you guys; thank you for having me document your special day!
L x
Venue: St Mary’s Church, Caldicot
Venue: Caldicot Castle, Caldicot

Johanna & Martin ~ Engagement Shoot at Mersea Island

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!

Johanna & Martin are getting married at Houchins Wedding Venue later this year and we got together for their pre-wedding session at one of my favourite beach locations in Essex… Mersea Island.

We pinged a few emails back and forth and finally decided to head on down to the water to incorporate some fun and bright imagery in this beautiful area by the sea.

With it being a super hot day, I knew it would be very busy on the beach so we met up at the end of the day so that the last of the seaside goers would hopefully be heading back to their cars to descend back home for the evening, leaving us with the beach to ourselves for an hour <3

This was the second time Johanna had been in front of my camera as I’d done a photo shoot with her beautiful mare Duchess a few years back; a birthday gift from hubby to be Martin at the time. This time round they’ll be sharing the camera together as I can’t wait to share their wedding day with them in August!!

L x


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Lily & Adam: An Elopement in the Welsh Mountains

An escape to the mountains was on the cards for this thrill-seeking duo and what an incredible experience it was! We climbed over rocks, stood on cliff edges and followed sheep trails up the mountain sides and it was totally insane! Check out more below…

The day started with Lily being made up in the cutest little Guest House in Betws-y-coed, called Bod Gwynedd (definitely worth a visit if you’re looking at heading to the area). Betws-y-coed is one of the nearest villages to Mount Snowdonia and therefore acts as a popular location for tourists looking for somewhere to stay during their trip up the mountain. Lily had her natural-look make up done by the very talented Rhiannon Pritchard, and her Hair beautifully styled by award winning Julia Nicholls.

The afternoon flew by and before we knew it, Lily had dressed in a beautiful bespoke gown by Poppy’s Perspective and donned her flowers; carefully put together by The Botanical Shed and we were on our way to the first location with our backpacks, rugs, hats and any extras we had with us.

With Lake Ogwen as our backdrop and the sun gently bouncing off the water behind, Lily & Adam spoke their vows to each other which had been carefully handwritten out for them by the talented Gemma Jane Design  whilst standing on gorgeous rugs hired in from Anthology Vintage Hire. They held hands, and exchanged words whilst looking at one another and taking in the surroundings. It was the most peaceful and intimate experience, perfect for a marriage away from the hustle of most weddings that take place  in the UK.

From here on out we made the most of every last bit of the sunshine, backdrops, scenery and extras that had been brought along for this day! Lily & Adam kicked up their heels and we all had the best time ever creating these spectacular memories.

We decided to head on over to another location which involved trekking up a big mountain; pausing here and there we eventually had a dress change into something slightly different but absolutely extravagant, again totally bespoke and handmade by Jan Si Fashion. This dress was just insane, and with the wind and height we had gained from climbing the mountain, it just took off and looked incredible, wouldn’t you agree?

I’ll definitely be heading back to this location, maybe on my own, or maybe for my own elopement with my fiance 😉 These weddings are totally unique and such a beautiful way to express your love for one another <3

If you’re looking to elope, or know someone who is then please send them to this page. I would love to have a chat and offer my services, inspiration or any guidance if I can.

L x

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Katie & Andrew ~ A Spring Wedding at Maidens Barn, High Easter, Essex

I’ve know Katie for a while now, and after seeing them both as guests at another wedding last Summer I was looking forward to seeing these guys again for their special day! This was the first time I would be shooting at Maidens Barn, and it was so lovely to be heading back to the tiny village I grew up in as a little girl. {{cough}} Yes I did drive past my old house and marvel at all the changes…I just couldn’t resist! 😉
Maidens Barn literally is in the middle of nowhere, but what a beautiful way to escape all the hustle and bustle and just enjoy your wedding day without any stress or noise around! Barn weddings are beautiful, and this barn was perfect for my style of photography with its white walls, open beams, natural light & rustic charm. I like to consider myself a country bumpkin with a flair for adventure and discovering natural beauty within!
I found Katie & her girls getting ready in their room; bubbly flowing, hair & make-up in full swing and music playing as the excitement of the day ahead got closer and closer.
I escaped with the dress and Katie’s personal items for some detailed shots of her bits & pieces before she got dressed and put all her extras on too. Katie smiled as she recalled her bouquet was actually put together by her very talented husband-to-be…what a lovely addition to remember as she walked down the aisle to meet Andrew at the end of the alter.
The couple wed in the beautiful airy and bright barn where Katie bit back tears as she walked down arm in arm with her Dad.
A beautiful ceremony complete with readings from family members, and watched on by their nearest and dearest. These guys then walked out to everyone blowing bubbles (instead of the usual confetti, although this is getting more and more popular now!)
Congratulations were passed around by everyone and the drinks and laughter started flowing from hereon out. The couple enjoyed a delicate tea-party Wedding Breakfast, some hilarious and heart-felt speeches by Katies Dad, the Best Man and Andrew before hitting the dance floor and welcoming more guests for the evening entertainment and celebrations!
Wishing these guys a lifetime of love, laughter and romance, you were awesome!!
L x

7 Reasons why a Pre-wedding shoot is totally worth it!

Included with some of my Wedding packages is the opportunity for a complimentary pre wedding shoot, also known as an Engagement shoot. Now some couples turn to me and say… “hmm we don’t really like having our photo taken so can we do without” and of course this is an option  (as I say it’s complimentary in my packages) however I will always strongly recommend having a pre-wedding shoot as I believe it is not only beneficial to you…but also to me ✨ and here’s why ladies and gents…

1. You know that feeling when you have just met someone, you’re not entirely comfortable around them and you want to know more about them before you feel completely at ease? Well what a good chance to spend an hour in my company getting to know just me! I want my couples to feel totally relaxed and able to ask me anything. I want to be more than just your photographer for your wedding day…I want to be your friend! I have been described as a goofy gal with a heart of gold and I will do anything to ensure that my couples have the best wedding day ever, but in order to help you feel happy and at ease with the camera, and in order to create those amazing smiles…laughs…snorts that we hold in when we’re around company we’re not totally comfortable with; come along and get to know me on a ‘free’ engagement shoot! I promise it’ll be well worth your time! 🤗

2. You want to update those photos on the walls? The ones that are ten years old when you guys had just met, or that portrait session you had done in those outdated clothes. What a great opportunity to freshen up your photo frames and have some professional up-to-date photos to go on the walls and send out to your Mum for her Birthday 😉 she’ll totally love it, you know she will!

3. You’ve got a new member of the family who joined you recently…two legged or four I’m happy to shoot you as a family instead of as a couple! If you didn’t already know by now I’m a HUGE furry fan and love my snuggles and slobbery kisses 🐾🐴  As well as Weddings I also specialise in Equestrian & Canine Photography and would love it if you brought out more members of the family on your Engagement shoot! We can have tons of fun, and even make time for some shots of the two of you as well as the three…four…five of you as well!

4. Use your photos as decor at your wedding. It’s such a cool idea and I’ve had a few B&G’s who have done this! It’s so lovely for me to know you want to show off your photos to your nearest and dearest and makes me so proud! 😀

5. Use a different time of year to when your Wedding is so you can have photos at both ends of the year. Another recommendation of mine; if you have a Winter wedding coming up then opt for a Summer Engagement Session! Get the best of both!

6. Those all important ‘thank you’ cards after the wedding are right at the back of your mind at the moment, so why not eliminate the worry of getting them done after the wedding and have them prepared beforehand? I always suggest to my couples to bring along a ‘thank you’ bunting or a blackboard to write some fun notes down on (dates, Mr & Mrs, fun facts about you two etc) it always makes for extra fun and I love hearing more about the two of you!

7. You’re totally in LOVE and want to show it off to the world 💕 Yes Yes Yes!! There is nothing more fascinating, fun and beautiful than couples so madly, deeply, head-over-heels in love with one another. Let’s do this!

Elizabeth & Richard | Essex Pre-Wedding Shoot at Danbury Park

Last month I caught up with Elizabeth and Richard at the ever popular Danbury Park in Essex! I find this location so beautiful and favoured by a lot of my couples plus I just love it here too!

Although a tad muddy and wet, we managed to find some beautiful areas to create some great shots and have some fun amongst the woods and open fields! The sun was just about to set, so we made the most of the wonderful golden hour as it fell around us.  I can’t wait to see these guys again for their wedding in June!

The majority of my Wedding Packages now include a pre wedding photo session with your booking. These sessions are such a great little extra and really help to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera as you get to know your photographer more in preparation for your wedding day!




Kelly & Reiss ~ A Magical Winter Wedding at Gosfield Hall in Essex

I was super excited to be shooting Kelly & Reiss’s wedding at the stunning venue that is Gosfield Hall. Kelly & Reiss had booked me thirteen months prior to their wedding date so it had been a long time coming and we’d had a lot of excited phone calls on the build up to their big day! If you’ve never seen it, I would definitely recommend a visit over to Gosfield Hall. The long driveway, rural surrounds and sweeping lawns with gravel pathways lend itself to a beautiful red brick Georgian Mansion set in the idyllic Essex countryside perfectly set back to enjoy your day in a space you won’t be disappointed with.
I met Kelly in the Lady’s Chambers Cottage where bridal prep was in full swing with her Mum and four Bridesmaids as they enjoyed the pampering and chit chat of what was to come throughout the day. Once moved up to the Rococco Bridal Suite, Kelly changed into her breathtaking dress (which was actually a lot lot heavier than it looked!) and continued to finalise her hair & make up ready to meet fiancé Reiss at the end of the alter. Her winter-themed bouquet teamed with silver decor and thistle matched perfectly with the delicate hair piece and cute ballet-bow heels she’d carefully picked out for her special day.
The couple wed in The Queens Gallery; a beautiful oak-panelled room where Kelly had to hold back tears as she walked down the 120ft long aisle with her Mum to meet Reiss at the end. The couple’s son Hudson was chuffed to bits as he watched Mummy walk towards Daddy, and couldn’t decide who he wanted to be held by throughout the whole ceremony so he kept everyone laughing as the couple continued to bend and pass him around as they said their “I do’s”.
The emotions from this day are still hitting me now as I write this, and I can’t help but smile as I relive their wedding through these images.
Thanks to these beauts for choosing me to photograph your amazing day <3
I wish you both a lifetime of love, laughter and romance!


My Wedding Photography Bucket List

A friend of mine recently asked…if I had just one more wedding to photograph, what kind of wedding would I choose to shoot? I absolutely adore my job and am so thankful to all my wonderful clients who have chosen me as their wedding photographer in the past. I have loved shooting every single wedding over the last five years and I am so passionate about photographing couples in love. This question got me thinking and laughing to myself, as I really couldn’t narrow it down to just one kind of wedding… so here goes My Wedding Photography Bucket List!

If your wedding involves aaaaaaaany of the below then please GIVE ME A SHOUT!!

 I promise there will be an exclusive discount to be had.



  • A destination wedding (I love to travel and see/photograph new places so this is my ultimate no.1)
  • A wedding ceremony on a beach
  • A wedding with fairground rides (bonus if theres a merry-go-round)
  • A tipi wedding
  • Inside a castle BOOKED – Kate & Jon 2018 YAYY!
  • An elopement
  • A themed wedding (bonus if it’s Game of Thrones / 1920’s Peaky Blinders / Disney)
  • A ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ wedding
  • A wedding in the snow (has to be abroad – sadly we don’t get enough in the!!!)
  • A wedding at the Roman baths
  • A wedding which involves the Bride riding a horse BOOKED – but it’s a secret, 2018!
  • A wedding in a treehouseforest or floral field
  • A wedding at the Lake District

Give me a shout if your wedding involves any of the above – you may be surprised! 🙂

Dogs at Weddings – 10 things to consider!

So you’ve decided to include your dog at your wedding… YAY YAY YAY!!

I LOVE seeing dog’s at weddings and can’t wait to meet your furry friends!

dogs at weddings, weddings with dogs, how to include your dog at your wedding, have your dog at your wedding, dog at wedding

It doesn’t come as a shock to me when a couple mention they’ll be including their dogs in their wedding… in fact you don’t see this but my heart skips a beat when I hear there’s a Frenchie as Flower Girl, a Border Collie as Bridesmaid or a Retriever as Ring-Bearer… you get the jist 😉

A wedding day is widely celebrated by so many in front of friends & family, as it is an enjoyable and memorable experience to be remembered forever. Your nearest and dearest are there to toast your special day, so why not include your furry friends in the ceremony too? They are a massive part of your family too!

There is a LOT of planning and thought that needs to be considered when you make this decision though, but I completely understand the need for so many couples nowadays to include their dogs in the ceremony alongside them. They have become such a huge part of your life and should be with you on your special day as long as you have the appropriate safety measures in place.

dogs at weddings, weddings with dogs, how to include your dog at your wedding, have your dog at your wedding, dog at wedding

1. Does your venue allow animals?

This is really a massive decider; if you’ve already booked your venue and then as an after-thought forgot to mention your dog will be present they may be against the idea and then it’s bye-bye to having your pooch there with you. Most weddings I’ve attended with the family dogs have been at country weddings or garden receptions, although one of my Weddings last year at Baddow Park did have my Bride & Groom’s two labradors show up as a complete surprise to them just after they had tied the knot! Let’s just say there was plenty of happy tears from my Bride Laura <3

dogs at weddings, weddings with dogs, how to include your dog at your wedding, have your dog at your wedding, dog at wedding

2. What part of the day will your dog(s) be taking part in?

Are you wanting them present for the morning as you get ready, the Ceremony as you say your “I do’s”, the Reception where you relax and enjoy time with friends and family, or the evening when everyone is partying? A wedding can be a very long day for people let alone animals, so make sure your dog can handle whatever part you want them around for during your Wedding. If they are present all day, make sure they have food and water available, and a quiet area for them to lie down should they want some time away from the electric atmosphere.

3. Can they cope?

It might not seem like it but most dogs do like routine so this is totally out of their comfort zone being surrounded by people, noise, little children (if present), food and all the attention. If they’re young & springy will they be liable to run off if it is a different location to where they’re use to? If they’re older will they snap and bite if they’re scared? All questions to think about.

dogs at weddings, weddings with dogs, how to include your dog at your wedding, have your dog at your wedding, dog at wedding

dogs at weddings, weddings with dogs, how to include your dog at your wedding, have your dog at your wedding, dog at wedding

4. Is it an indoor or outdoor Wedding?

I adore outdoor weddings – all the natural light, beauty and warmth of a Summer wedding is precious and so so beautiful ! Although with a dog present you do need to make sure guests keep their eyes peeled for those doggy do-do’s on the grass. I’m pretty sure your best friends won’t be too impressed with a brown mess on their Jimmy Choos’ when they go home later!

Indoors can be less to worry about with the do-do’s although someone does need to be aware that your pooch does need to go to the toilet and be let out for a break every now and then! Also are they liable to chew anything if you’re in an unknown venue? You don’t want to be forking out for a new rug if your furry friend has decided it tastes too good!

5. Do you need a Dog Chaperone?

To take the pressure off you, is it worth having a dog chaperone present so you don’t need to keep looking over your shoulder to make sure they’re ok? There are plenty of services out there that cater for this so you don’t have to miss out on having your furry friend(s) there celebrating with you. These guys make sure the dogs are collected, walked, brushed, behaving, fed, watered and looked after all day so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Could be a great investment to include…

dogs at weddings, weddings with dogs, how to include your dog at your wedding, have your dog at your wedding, dog at wedding

dogs at weddings, weddings with dogs, how to include your dog at your wedding, have your dog at your wedding, dog at wedding

6. Are they playing a role in the Wedding?

Would you like to consider them as Best Man, Ring-Bearer or Bridesmaid? I’ve seen some adorable dogs taking on important roles at a wedding but again it is something you need to consider as it can be a big ask for them to take part. Would it be best for them to just be present as a guest instead of carrying out a role? As long as they’re there it can be less of a stress for you than worrying, for example,  if they’ve still got the rings attached to their collar EEK!

dogs at weddings, weddings with dogs, how to include your dog at your wedding, have your dog at your wedding, dog at wedding

dogs at weddings, weddings with dogs, how to include your dog at your wedding, have your dog at your wedding, dog at wedding

7. Are they wearing something special?

A tux collar, a flower crown, special booties, a dress… are you suiting them up especially or are they to be running freely?

The suits and dresses can look super adorable and so great in photos but realistically are your dogs going to be comfortable wearing them? Make sure they don’t rub, or are too tight as this can be added unnecessary stress for them, however a matching dress with your bridesmaids, or bow tie can really bring together the wedding party!

8. Will your dog cause problems for the caterers?

Hehe I had to chuckle as I know my pooch certainly would!! Being part Labrador he can sniff out a plate of sausage rolls, a kitchen worktop of chicken dishes, or scratch open a hostess to steal the roast spuds.

You’re paying your caterers to provide a service to eat and enjoy, so try not add extra hassle onto them if you know your dog will be following them about all afternoon with his puppy-dog eyes. They already have a HUGE task of feeding yourselves and all of your guests some wonderful food, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything after your pet pooch has decided to scoff the sauteed potatoes or lick the gravy dish clean!

dogs at weddings, weddings with dogs, how to include your dog at your wedding, have your dog at your wedding, dog at wedding

9. Let your guests know your dog will be there too!

Something so small but can be a huge deal to some guests. It could be that Aunt Maud has an allergy to fur, or that the Best Man has a fear of dogs. By letting people know, this may ruin a nice surprise but can also allow others to prepare themselves if they are not so dog-happy to see them there.

10. Let your photographer know! 

Definitely!! If they are anything like me they will be absolutely thrilled and so so excited. It also means we can be well prepared with dog treats and squeaky toys if need be to make sure we get those beautiful photos of you all together 🙂

dogs at weddings, weddings with dogs, how to include your dog at your wedding, have your dog at your wedding, dog at wedding